Adding and Invoicing Warranty Jobs

Note: If the warranty options are not displaying, uncheck the Hide Warranty Details checkbox in Setup >> User Options >> General.


Adding a Warranty Provider

  • Warranty Providers (such as third-party warranty companies or parent companies) must be set up under their own Customer record.
  • Customers that are having vehicle work done can be assigned to a Warranty Provider.
  • This allows you to split the invoice:
    • Bill the Warranty Provider for work covered under the warranty.
    • Bill the vehicle owner for any remaining charges.

To Set a Customer as a Warranty Provider:
  • When Adding a New Customer, check the Warranty Provider checkbox to identify this Customer as a warranty company that may be financially responsible for repairs.


Invoicing Warranty Jobs

  1. Add or Select a Customer.
  2. On the Work screen, click the None link next to Warranty.
  3. Select the Warranty Provider >> Complete any of the applicable boxes on the Warranty Details screen >> click Update.
  4. Create the Work document as usual.
  5. When converting the RO to an invoice, you will be asked to split the invoice.

    • Click OK.

  6. Create a Split Invoice to take payment from both parties.