Scan Settings

Tap Settings from the Diagnostics home screen to update scan settings.


Make any necessary changes to the following:
  • Vehicle Connection Interface (VCI)


  • OBDII Device Management

    • Choose a Default Device and turn on Always Use Default Device To Connect to automatically attempt to connect to a device when opening Diagnostics.
    • Choose to display demo device options on the Available Devices list when connecting.
  • Scanning and Report Options - Enter an Email Address and turn on Automatically Email Scan Report After Export to autofill the email address field when emailing scan reports.
  • Appearance - Display Live Data (PIDs - Parameter IDs) in Standard(SAE) or Metric units.
  • Quick Scan Options

    • Turn on Default System to bypass the system selection screen during vehicle connection and always connect to the Enhanced Powertrain system.
    • Turn on Prompt me for Enhanced DTC options during each scan to view the DTC Type options that allows you to turn on the following vehicle specific options if available:
      • Enhanced Freeze Frame
      • History
      • Previously Cleared
  • FCA Secure Gateway Access - Enter your AUTOAUTH Username and Password to connect to vehicles with secure gateways. Learn how to create an AUTOAUTH account and link your VCI.