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#1057: "Your ALLDATA Option Will Be Timing Out..."

IMPORTANT - Your ALLDATA® RepairSM (DVD) program requires updates TWO times per year or the following programs will stop working:

  • ALLDATA Repair (DVD)
  • ALLDATA Manage (DVD)

If you are unable to access ALLDATA Repair (DVD) or ALLDATA Manage, get up and running by downloading the update found HERE



A pop-up message displays:

  • "Warning: Your Subscription or Option is about to expire!

Warning: Your ALLDATA Option will be timing out in ... day(s).

To keep your options from timing out, you MUST insert the ALLDATA installation disc into your DVD drive and install the latest software release or subscription codes you received. (INFORMATION MESSAGE #1057)"

  • Note: You may need to click OK multiple times before the pop-up message will close and allow you to continue.

Possible Cause(s):

Your ALLDATA® Repair (DVD) program will expire in the number of days shown.


Suggested Solution(s):

Install the latest update for ALLDATA Repair (DVD).