Product Support

#2025: "Vehicle or Data Disc is Not Valid for Your Subscription"

IMPORTANT - Your ALLDATA® RepairSM (DVD) program requires updates FOUR times per year or the following programs will stop working:

  • ALLDATA Repair (DVD)
  • ALLDATA Manage (DVD)

If you are unable to access ALLDATA Repair (DVD) or ALLDATA Manage, get up and running by downloading the update found HERE



A pop-up message displays:

  •  "You have selected a vehicle or data disc that is not valid for your subscription. Please make sure you have the most current disc in the drive and try again. (WARNING #2025)"


Possible Cause(s):

Warning 2025 can be triggered by a number of situations:

  1. The primary cause is an outdated version of ALLDATA Repair (DVD).

    • Subscription updates are required four times per year. 

  2. Your subscription codes are not entered or have expired.

  3. The wrong Security Key is installed, or the Key Date is incorrect.

  4. The Windows Compatibility Mode settings need to be updated.


Suggested Solution(s):


Try Solution 1 and then restart ALLDATA Repair (DVD).

  • If Error 2025 continues, try the additional solutions.

​Solution 1: Make sure that the most current version of ALLDATA Repair (DVD) is installed on ALL computers that run the program, and then restart the program.

  • If you're not sure which version you have, click HERE.

  • To install the current version:

    • For shops WITH Internet access, click HERE.

    • For shops with NO Internet access, click HERE. (Print the directions elsewhere and bring to the shop.)

Solution 2: Make sure that the subscription codes are entered and current.

  • Checking the Subscription Code Expiration Dates

  • If your codes are NOT current, you can get current codes by:

    • Checking the orange sheet of codes and code update instructions that came with your new program or new security key.

    • Calling us at 800-859-3282

Solution 3: Make sure that the correct security key is installed and that the Key Date is showing today's date.

Solution 4: Make sure that the Compatibility Mode settings are correct.