Product Support

#1059: "Estimate Cannot be Viewed Because it is Locked"


When trying to open an existing estimate, the following message appears:

This estimate cannot be viewed because it is locked. (INFORMATIONAL MESSAGE #1059).


Possible Cause(s):

This issue is normally caused when tax rates are changed, then a previously existing ticket is opened and you click Yes to the option of changing the tax rates.


Suggested Solution(s):

  1. Close the ALLDATA Repair (DVD) program.

  2. Click Start >> All Programs (or Programs) >> ALLDATA >> Utility Manager.

    • If your computer doesn't have a Utility Manager file listed, Call ALLDATA Customer Support at 1-800-859-3282, option 2

  3. Once the ALLDATA for Windows Service Utilities window opens, click Data >> Estimate Lock Management.

  4. Click Select All >> OK.

  5. Reopen ALLDATA Repair (DVD). The estimate should be unlocked.