professional diagnostic scan tool

Functional Diagnostic scanner
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Functional Professional Scan Tool


  • Retrieve & clear manufacturer P, B, C, & U codes
  • Access system tests, relearns, resets, initializations, and calibrations
  • Bi-directional component control to test specific components
  • Reads and graphically displays PIDs – live sensor data from all modules/vehicle systems (PCM, TCM, SRS, ABS, chassis/body systems and more).
  • Utilize Drive Test mode to access diagnostic features without being connected to the Internet
  • View tech-verified repairs without leaving the application.
  • Full-system, exportable pre- and post-DTC scan reporting.
Affordable Diagnostic Scan Tool
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  • Unlimited diagnostic scans
  • No upfront equipment costs
  • Data + Software updates included in subscription
Award-Winning Diagnostic scanner
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  • 2018 PTEN Innovation Award Winner for Scan Tool
  • 2018 Innovation Zone Award Winner for Repair & Maintenance
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