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Frequently Asked Questions

Not at this time.

ALLDATA Tech-Assist is only available to current subscribers of ALLDATA Repair and Collision 


Yes. Adding ALLDATA® Tech-AssistSM will begin a new 12-month contract with ALLDATA. 

Your ALLDATA® RepairSM or ALLDATA® CollisionSM annual renewal date will change to the starting date of the ALLDATA Tech-Assist subscription.

You can potentially call about an unlimited number of cases.

  • Each month, your shop receives three new cases.

  • Each time your shop verifies what repaired a case, one case is added back to your monthly balance.

  • Potentially, your shop can receive unlimited cases per month as long as you continue to verify what worked.

There is no limit to the number of times that you can call about the same case - keep calling until the issue is resolved! (up to 45 days, then a new case will need to be opened to continue diagnosis)

“No limit! You can call as often as necessary to resolve each case up to 45 days. At the 45-day mark, we may ask you to open a new case.

To verify repairs, call the ALLDATA® Tech-AssistSM Diagnostic Team at 855-461-5957.

After you provide the repair details, that case will be closed and another case will be added to your monthly allotment.

No. Unused cases do not roll over for use in the following month.

Unlimited cases are available each month, however. Simply verify a repair to earn back a case credit.

You can ask all types of DTC and/or symptom related questions for vehicles published in ALLDATA

  • These include assistance with OEM-based diagnostic procedures, electrical system and component testing, drivability concerns, and mechanical repairs.

For assistance finding OEM information in your ALLDATA program, use the Library Request link in ALLDATA® RepairSM or ALLDATA® CollisionSM .

Our Automotive Diagnostic Team is a group of highly-skilled ASE Master and L1 Certified Technicians.

  • The team members have an average of 30 years of in-shop experience.

  • Most of our consultants have also been certified automotive instructors.   

  • Shop phone number that is listed on your ALLDATA account

  • Vehicle year, make, model and engine type

  • Results of any testing that you've done, including DTCs

See our business hours

If you call after business hours, please leave a message. Your call will be returned as soon as possible.

    • We will provide assistance on any vehicle that is published in your ALLDATA Repair product. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide any assistance on vehicles that are not published in our product.  This also includes any procedure that is not published by a manufacturer in ALLDATA.

    • We are unable to provide assistance with any vehicles that are not completely OEM from the factory.  This includes any performance modifications and changes from the original configuration from the factory. For example, engine or transmission swaps to a different year or size from what was originally in the vehicle, chips/tuner modifications, emission equipment removal/modification, etc. are not supported.

In this circumstance, you would have the option to:

  • Provide a verified repair for one of the existing open cases from that month.

  • Open an additional case by paying $39 for a “Pay-Per-Use” case.

  • Post a question in the ALLDATA Community.

Unfortunately, no.  The only way that you are able to get a case added back to your allotment in a month is to provide a “Verified Repair” for any open case you have with our team.  Your ALLDATA Tech-Assist agent may tell you that case is archived, but that is only so we don’t continue to follow up. It still will not credit you another case

A Verified Repair acknowledges that you have verified the exact repair for the vehicle that repairs the problem that you indicated to us when opening the case.

  • Detailed repair information is required for all Verified Repairs.  Repair information without details is NOT a Verified Repair. We need specific details on the testing and the exact part replaced or item repaired that resolved your complaint.

Example: You provide a repair to ALLDATA TECH-ASSIST that you think might fix the vehicle but have not completed the repair nor confirmed the vehicle is repaired properly.

If we determine that the repair information you provided for a specific case does not have enough details to warrant a “Verified Repair” status, we will not be able to list the case as verified and you will not be allotted a new case for that month