Manage Your Shop’s Operations & Profitability

ALLDATA Manage Online offers expanded features for comprehensive shop management. It’s an excellent tool for shops – especially growing and multi-shop operators – with the ability to perform extensive business reporting, a built-in customer relationship manager (CRM) and more. Plus, you can access the entire program anywhere, anytime - so you can work where you want, when you want. It even comes with automatic updates!


Cloud Platform – Access anywhere; automatic updates and backups

In-Product Guidance – Follow step-by-step instructions for easy set up and reduced training time

VIN Tools - Look up a customer/vehicle from a partial VIN; pull up the VIN from the license plate

DTC Lookup – Define, save, and print DTCs on the work document

Job Groupings - Group parts and labor into jobs on the printed or emailed Estimate, Repair Order or Invoice



Deferred Work – Track suggested jobs and deferral reasons; set up reminder notifications

Customer Relationship Manager – Send reminders/promotions by text or email; track customer source; analyze marketing results; can also integrate with DemandForce™ or MechanicNET™

myCARFAX Integration – Access myCARFAX Service History Check; add service records to myCARFAX

Customize Your Shop


  • Custom Jobs – Build and search custom jobs; link jobs to integrated parts catalogs; set specific tax codes per job
  • Vendor-Specific Price Matrix - Assign specific markup prices to each vendor
  • Flexible Tax Setup – Choose specific tax rates for each tax code; works with Canadian tax codes
  • Work In Progress Screen – View the status of all work at a glance; customize views by user/station
  • Built-in customer relationship manager - send job notifications & promotions via text or email


Manage Financials


  • Credit Card Integration – Process card payments online 
  • Technician Cost & Time Tracking – Compare estimated vs. actual time spent on jobs; analyze wage efficiency
  • Service Writer Report - Find repair orders and totals by Service Writer to measure performance
  • Financial Reports – Access the reports necessary to run your shop; assess costs and profitability


Order Parts Online


Quickly order parts by accessing electronic parts catalogs for vendors all over the country, then add parts to your estimates. Manage Online connects with local parts vendors through these catalogs:

  • AutoZone® 
  • WHI/Nexpart
  • Transtar Industries® 
  • OEM Parts & Labor
  • MCSM
  • IAP (Internet Auto Parts)
  • FederatedAutoi
  • TurboParts® (DST)
We’ve Partnered & Integrated With…

Export information from Manage Online to QuickBooks Desktop, or integrate directly with QuickBooks® Online.


Look up the complete 17-digit VIN from a license plate. Get access to exclusive myCARFAX service history reports.


Securely process customer payments.


 Integrate with MechanicNet to create a website, send customer messages and reminders, and manage social media.


 Integrate your customer database with Intuit® Demandforce®, an automated marketing service for small businesses.


Transfer customer information, invoices, appointments and deferred work data from Manage Online to Kukui.




FAQs, How-To Docs, & More


Visit the Support Page for ALLDATA Manage Online




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