Before they hit the road
Jul. 11 2017
Jul. 11 2017

It’s mid-summer already – can you believe it? For folks across the country, including your customers, that means a road trip could be in the works. You want your customers’ vehicles to be well prepared before they head out, which could mean extra service work coming in for you. You also want them to have a great time once they’re out on the road.

Before they hit the road

Now you can help with both. We’ve put together two flyers that you can download and email to your customers, or use as handouts in your shop. It’s another way to show your customers that you care about them, and that you want them to have a safe, fun trip in a summer-ready vehicle.

Is Your Vehicle Summer-Ready?

This handout reviews all the essentials a vehicle owner should address before heading out on a summer road trip. Some things they can do themselves, like checking oil and coolant levels, but for critical systems like brakes and air conditioning, they’re going to need your help. And that’s a good thing! We’ve also included a list of essentials to have in the car in case of an emergency. Download the list.

Road trip? There’s an app for that!

Once your customer’s vehicle is ready to hit the road, help make sure their excursion is a trail-blazing success by providing them with this list of essential road trip apps. Want to know which restaurants and services are at the next exit? Yes, there’s an app for that! How ’bout planning the route so you avoid traffic jams? Yup, there’s an app for that too. As an extra bonus, we’ve included this link for “The 50 best road trip songs of all time.” Guaranteed to keep your customers singing along (and singing your praises!) whether they’re driving for a few hours or a few days. Download the app list.


Summer Readiness List

50 BestRoadtrip app list


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