May. 09 2017
May. 09 2017

Vehicle: 2012 Hyundai Veloster, L4-1.6L, Automatic Transaxle

Mileage: 65,030

Problem: The customer brought his car to the shop because he noticed a significant loss of power and the malfunction indicator Light (MIL) was ON.

Details: The tech connected a scan tool and retrieved a P0106 DTC – Manifold absolute pressure (MAP) circuit / performance out of range. Acting on advice from the Tech-Assist consultant, he monitored the MAP sensor and throttle position sensor (TPS) voltages with his scan tool.

At idle, the MAP sensor voltage was 1.35V and the TPS read 0.546V, which was within factory specifications. While accelerating though, he noticed that the MAP sensor voltage did not increase at the same rate as the TPS voltage.

The Tech-Assist consultant suggested checking the intake system next. When the tech opened the air box, it was packed with snow.

Confirmed Repair: After removing the snow, drying out the intake system and installing a new air filter, the code was cleared and the vehicle was taken on a test drive. The power was restored and the MIL remained off. By the way, the vehicle owner had no idea how the snow got into the air intake system but his son drove the car the night before.

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