Sep. 15 2016
Sep. 15 2016

Vehicle: 2008 Dodge Charger V6-3.5L

Mileage: 132,334

Problem:The vehicle came into the shop because the A/C was not working. The compressor did not engage when the A/C was selected in the dash.

Details: The technician installed A/C gauges to check if there was pressure in the system. 08_charger_ac.jpgThe A/C system had the appropriate amount of pressure in both the high and low sides.

Next, the technician connected a scan tool and retrieved DTC P0645 (A/C Control Circuit Open) from the PCM. After looking at a wiring diagram to identify the circuits, wires and connectors that would be involved, the tech inspected the A/C control circuit wiring at the Total Integrated Power Module (TIPM). He found that a LB/OR (light blue/orange) wire at connector C5, pin 11 had corroded to the point of breaking.

Confirmed Repair: The tech cleaned the pins on both sides of the connector, replaced the corroded pin and spliced-in a new section of wire to complete the repair. The A/C compressor was operational and the A/C system pressure and duct temperature tests met specifications.

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