F350 With Multiple Warning Lamps On, Multiple U-codes Set
Aug. 01 2023
Aug. 01 2023

Vehicle: 2017 Ford F350, 4WD, Super Duty, V8-6.2L, Automatic Transmission/Transaxle

Mileage: 135,562

Problem: The driver of this snowplow Ford F350 complained that multiple warning lamps were on, such as the brake light, ABS and malfunction indicator light (MIL).

Case Details: The tech scanned for diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and found the following codes:

  • U0100:00 - Lost Communication with Engine Control Module (ECM)
  • U0140:00 - Lost Communication with Body Control Module (BCM)
  • U0151:00 - Lost Communication with Restraints Control Module (RCM)
  • U0155:00 - Lost Communication with Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC)
  • U0402:68 - Invalid Data Received from Transmission Control Module (TCM)
  • U3013:16 - Body Control Module (BCM) Input Power "C" Circuit Voltage Below Threshold
f350 Communications Module Diagram

After looking at a wiring diagram, he inspected for harness damage in the driver's kick panel area since both HS2-CAN circuits (VDB25, VDB26) were affected. He found broken wires in the harness.

Confirmed Repair: The technician repaired the wiring and cleared the DTCs. He verified that all warning lamps were off and went for a test drive. No DTCs returned. Fixed!

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