Mar. 09 2017
Mar. 09 2017

Vehicle: 2004 Mitsubishi Lancer, L4-2.4L SOHC, Automatic Transmission

Mileage: 145,009

Problem: The car was a sublet from a body shop after they did repairs because the radio, turn signals, low beams and the low-speed wipers were inoperative. The steering column switches and front ECU had already been replaced.

Details: The tech first inspected all of the fuses – all of which checked-out – so he called ALLDATA Tech-Assist for some guidance. Based on the wiring diagram, the Tech-Assist consultant suggested that the tech verify voltage to the ETACS-ECU left turn signal and light relay (see diagrams).

2004 Lancer Diagram
Lancer Diagram

Using a digital multi-meter, the tech found no voltage on the orange wire at connector C-129 / pin 14, which was located behind the left kick panel. He jumped power to the orange wire at C-129 and the turn signals began working. Upon further inspection, the tech found several wires in the harness going to connector C129 were damaged in the collision.

Confirmed Repair: After repairing the left-hand instrument panel wiring harness, everything worked normally again.

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