Saskatchewan collision repairers can get up to $170/month for using ALLDATA
Nov. 01 2019
Nov. 01 2019

Now, accredited repairers in Saskatchewan can get a nice bonus – up to $170 a month! – just for using ALLDATA Collision®. Though limited in scope geographically, this is a great example of an organization recognizing the importance of requiring accredited shops to utilize OEM information, and then supporting that requirement with a generous monthly reimbursement.

The Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) recently updated its accreditation requirements for collision repairers. The accreditation program requires that body shops access and utilize OE repair procedures on every claim.

Under its new program, body shops who have ALLDATA Collision will be reimbursed up to $170/month, beginning October 1, 2019 and lasting until December 31, 2020.

In a statement put out by the organization, “All SGI collision repair partners are required to access OEM repair procedures as part of the repair planning process, on every claim. In recognition of the costs associated with accessing online OEM procedure databases, SGI will be providing all accredited repair shops a $170/month allowance to assist in the purchase of OEM subscriptions.”

Shops submit a simple application and proof of their OEM subscription purchase to get started. Access the application here.

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