Camaro’s curious case of the erratic tach
Apr. 01 2024
Apr. 01 2024

2016-19 Camaro owners have noticed while driving that the tachometer occasionally fluctuates between idle and 7000 RPM. The actual engine performance is unaffected. The problem doesn’t seem to be related to engine speed, vehicle speed, and current gear selection. This occurs more frequently with Camaro’s equipped with LT1 engines. Chevrolet has published a bulletin (PIC6299B) that covers both Camaros and Corvettes with complete tests for both platforms covering multiple modules, each with precise ground locations.


The detailed repair procedure is included in the TSB.

The entire TSB can be found by logging into ALLDATA, Under Select Vehicle, Enter in the search field:

2022 Camaro V8-6.2L

Select the vehicle underneath, then enter in the search field (upper right corner):





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