F-150 Dash Cluster and Radio Inop, Then Transmission Goes Into Limp Mode
Apr. 01 2024
Apr. 01 2024

Vehicle: 2018 Ford F-150, 4WD, V6-3.5L, Turbo Automatic Transmission/Transaxle

Mileage: 172,092

Problem: Customer stated that the cluster and radio go dead first and then the automatic transmission goes into limp mode.


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Case Details: The technician pulled the truck into the shop, connected a scan tool and found the following diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs): 

  • U3000-42 Control Module: General Memory Failure - IPMB - Parking Aid in Audio Control Module

  • U0452-82 Invalid Data Received from Restraints Control Module in FICM

  • U0140 - Lost Communication with Body Control Module in Cluster

  • P1706 - High Vehicle Speed Observed in Park: No Sub-Type Information

  • U0100 - Lost Communication w/ ECM/PCM "A": No Sub-Type Information - TCM - 10R80 Automatic Transmission in Telematics and ABS

  • B1246-13 Circuit Open - TCU - Information and Entertainment System 

Due to the large number of DTCs, the technician thought it best to call ALLDATA Tech-Assist for a little guidance.

The Tech-Assist consultant advised clearing all codes then see which ones return. Once that’s complete, try duplicating the issue and see which modules are not communicating. At that point, the technician could try disconnecting those module(s) to determine if things return to normal.

As advised, the technician cleared all DTCs and was finally able to reproduce the issues when the truck was cold. He noticed a buzzing noise that he traced to the trailer brake control module. When he disconnected it, all the symptoms disappeared.

Confirmed Repair:  The technician replaced the trailer brake control module and no further issues reported. Fixed!

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