Captiva False ABS Activation on Right Turns
Nov. 08 2022
Nov. 08 2022

Vehicle: 2014 Chevy Captiva Sport, FWD, L4-2.4L

Mileage: 71,096

Problem: The owner brought his truck in because the stability control system was activating intermittently. It only happened on slow righthand turns with the driver’s foot off the brakes.

Case Details: The technician checked for diagnostic trouble codes in the ABS module and found none. He noticed that the stability light would flash when the ABS pulsations occurred but there was no reason for the ABS system to activate. All the wheels and tires were the same size, wear level and brand. The technician tried swapping out the Electronic Brake Control Module (EBCM), but no change.

An ALLDATA Tech-Assist consultant advised using a scan tool to monitor the yaw/accelerometer sensor, wheel speed sensors and steering angle sensor (SAS) for dropouts or incorrect data for the actual conditions. He also recommended checking for spilled fluids into the multi-axis yaw sensor located in the center console. If necessary, recalibrate the system sensors and see what occurs once complete.

The technician didn’t find anything unusual on the test drive. He tried recalibrating the system sensors. The SAS would not complete the calibration.

Chevy Captiva Steering Diagram

Confirmed Repair: He replaced the SAS and calibrated it.

NOTE: The SAS is located at the bottom of the steering column (#5 in the image). The issue was resolved once the calibration of the SAS was complete. Fixed!

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