Chrysler 300 A/C Inoperative – Compressor Will Not Engage
Sep. 06 2022
Sep. 06 2022

Vehicle: 2006 Chrysler 300, V8-5.7L, VIN H, Automatic Transmission/Transaxle

Mileage: 86,708

Problem: The A/C system will not blow cold air. The customer mentioned that he had noticed the compressor was not engaging.

Case Details: The technician tested for battery power to the A/C fuses. He found that there was battery voltage across both legs of fuses, 4 (20 Amp) and 22 (40 Amp) in the totally integrated power module (TIPM). Next, he tried jumping the A/C pressure switch, but the compressor still would not engage.

An ALLDATA Tech-Assist consultant suggested using a wiring diagram from ALLDATA Repair (see diagram) to help trace the wiring and connectors between the A/C clutch relay and the compressor.

The technician found pin 6 in connector C1 was corroded and broken in the connector.

Confirmed Repair: He repaired the damaged wiring connector. After the repair, the A/C system operated as designed. Easy fix!

Chrysler AC wiring diagram

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