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Trusted By More Than 400,000 Technicians


Used In More Than 100,000 Shops


More Than 44,000 Engine-Specific Vehicles

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Why choose ALLDATA Repair?


ALLDATA’s automotive diagnostic and repair software, with repair information direct from the OEM for accurate car repairs, is trusted by more than 400,000 technicians in more than 100,000 shops nationwide. Covering more than 44,000 engine-specific vehicles, ALLDATA provides auto repair shops a suite of products to help increase the daily car count, improve processes and provide quality repairs to keep customers satisfied.

  • Specifications – capacities, mechanical, electrical, fluid types, pressure, vacuum, and temperature

  • Service interval tables and maintenance charts

  • DTC (diagnostic trouble code) descriptions, tests, and procedures

  • TSBs (technical service bulletins) and recalls

  • OEM-original wiring diagrams with all connector, splice, and ground locations

  • Quotes with integrated parts and labor

  • Timing belt interval charts with interference engine identification

  • TPMS (tire pressure monitor system) and maintenance reset procedures

  • System description and operation information


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ALLDATA is the largest supplier of OEM information and business solutions for repair and collision shops. We were created by shop owners, for shop owners – so we understand how you work and design our products to make your job easier. 

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