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Overview of SERVER and CLIENT Computers for Networked (Connected) Systems

If you are running ALLDATA® ManageSM on a network, one computer is acting as a SERVER, and at least one other computer is acting as a CLIENT.

  • Only one computer can act as the SERVER.

  • More than one computer can act as a CLIENT.


What is a SERVER Computer?

  • A Windows computer that stores your ALLDATA Manage database and shares it to your other computers (CLIENTS) over your local network.


What is a CLIENT computer?

  • A computer with a program that sends requests to, and receives information from, the SERVER computer.

  • It does NOT store any database information.


When running a network, most of your ALLDATA Manage data is shared between computers.

  • This means it is stored in a single database on the SERVER and accessed by all the CLIENTS.

  • Each CLIENT computer stores the SERVER computer name so that they are able to locate the SERVER and the database.

  • Individual user preference information (such as window size and position, or whether or not the shortcut bar is active or hidden) is stored on CLIENT computers.


ALLDATA Manage can be used in a network that has already been set up between two or more computers.

  • The following conditions MUST be in place before the computers can be set up to run ALLDATA programs within the existing network:

  • After all of the above steps are in place, Customer Support can assist you with setting up our products within your network.  Call Us at 800-859-3282 for assistance.

IMPORTANT - Your Windows network must be set up and working properly before ALLDATA Customer Support can help with the ALLDATA Manage configuration.


An example to explain the SERVER/CLIENT network:

Using a restaraunt as an example, the chef is the SERVER computer, the waiter is the ALLDATA Manage program, and the customer is the CLIENT computer.

  • The customer (CLIENT computer) gives their order to the waiter (ALLDATA Manage).

  • The waiter (ALLDATA Manage) gives the order to the chef (SERVER computer).

  • The chef (SERVER computer) prepares the order and gives it to the waiter (ALLDATA Manage) to deliver.

  • The customer (CLIENT computer) receives the order.