Code Settings - Inspection Reason Codes

Inspection Reason Codes can quickly apply both a status and reason to an Inspection Item while working through an Inspection List.

Note: The default Inspection Reason Codes that are already in your program are the industry-standard MAP (Motorist Assurance Program) Reason Codes. Many shops choose not to make any changes.


To add Inspection Reason Codes:
  1. Click Setup >> Codes >> Inspection Reason Codes.

  2. Enter a Code >> Description >> select an RAG >> click Update.

    • Code: One – four digits that identify a Inspection Reason Code within the program.
      (Example: S1)

    • Description: Description of the Inspection Reason Code.
      (Example: Part is Close to the End of its Useful Life)

    • RAG: Select whether the Inspection Reason Code is Red, Amber (Yellow), Green or Not Checked (NC) as selectable when filling out the Inspection.