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Interactive Color Wiring Diagrams

Available in Repair / Collision Updated (

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  • Full color diagrams that are standardized across makes

  • High quality images remain crystal clear when zoomed

  • View multiple diagrams side by side

  • Highlight and hide wires and components

  • Print highlighted diagrams

  • Search text within diagrams

    Locating Interactive Color Wiring Diagrams

    1. Log in to

    2. Select a vehicle.

    3. Click Diagrams.

    4. Click Electrical - Interactive Color (Non OE) >> Choose a specific diagram / series from the menu.

    5. Click an image to enlarge and interact with the diagram.

    Note: You can also find Interactive Color Wiring Diagrams at the system or component level or by using the the vehicle information search box.

    Using the diagram viewer


    1. The diagram responds to multiple actions:

      • Left-click (wire/component) to highlight the item

      • Left-click (empty space) and drag the mouse to pan the image

      • Double left-click to zoom in

      • Double right-click to zoom out

    2. Information panel

      • Wire color abbreviations

      • Symbols key

    3. Search text within diagrams

    4. Hide/show non-highlighted wires

      • Turns all non-highlighted wires light grey

    5. Clear highlights

    6. View one diagram at a time

    7. Zoom out

    8. Zoom in

    9. Reset zoom to full screen

    10. Rotate 90 degrees right

    11. Print

    12. Bookmark diagram series

    13. Close diagram window

    Single diagram view also includes the following actions:

    1. View previous image in series

    2. View next image in series

    3. View all diagrams in the series on one page

    4. Open diagram in new tab / window