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Error: "An Application Error Has Occurred” (Version 4.8 and below)



The following error pops up in ALLDATA® ManageSM 4.8 or below:

  • "An Application Error has Occurred"


Possible Cause(s)

Depending on the error Code, Source and Description, there are numerous possible causes.


Suggested Solution(s)

  1. If the Application Error window is open, click OK to close it.

  2. Close the ALLDATA Manage program.

    • If ALLDATA Manage will not close:

      1. Open the Task Manager by pressing the CTRL + SHIFT + ESC keys down AT THE SAME TIME (located on the left side of your keyboard).

      2. On the Processes tab:.

        • Click Image Name (the header of the first column) to alphabetize the list of processes.

        • Click ServiceCenter.exe so it's highlighted in blue.

        • Click End Process.

      3. Click Yes on the pop-up.

      4. ALLDATA Manage will now close.

  3. Re-open ALLDATA Manage.

  4. Click Help >> View Error Log.

  5. On the Error Log page:

    • The date and time of the current error message will show on either the very beginning of the list (version 4.8) or the very end of the list (version 4.7).

      • Tip: Use the scroll bar on the right side to move to the bottom of the list quickly.

    • Write down the Code, Source and Description.

      • Note: Like in the example, one of these might be blank.

    • Click OK to close the Error Log.

  6. Click HERE to contact ALLDATA Customer Service

  • Share the Application Error's Code, Source and Description so the agent can give you the correct solution.