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QuickBooks Integration Error Messages

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"Unable to Connect" message

Verify that the QuickBooks Remote Data Sharing (RDS) is running on the ALLDATA Manage Server PC.

"QuickBooks Alert" message that shows missing accounts

The QuickBooks Alert lists any accounts in QuickBooks that have been changed , deleted or deactivated. To resolve this issue, review and reactivate each account in QuickBooks.

"Firewall Port Error" when starting QuickBooks RDS

This issue is typically resolved by restarting the PC.

"Unable to start QuickBooks" error when starting ALLDATA Manage

The file path for the QuickBooks company file does not match the file path that ALLDATA Manage was originally integrated with.

To confirm that the file path is correct, check the following:

  • In ALLDATA Manage: Go to Setup >> Accounting Setup >> check the QuickBooks company file (QBW) location.

  • In QuickBooks: Open the company file >> press the "F2" key on the keyboard >>check the location of the company file under File Information.

If the QuickBooks company file location is different from the location listed in ALLDATA Manage, the company file can be backed up and restored to the correct location that ALLDATA Manage is integrated with. 

"Error reading RDS server settings: Padding is invalid and cannot be removed" when starting QuickBooks RDS Server

This issue is typically caused by the QuickBooks RDS Server being run on a different Windows User Account than it was originally installed with.

  1. Close the QuickBooks RDS Server.

  2. Switch to the Windows User Account that originally installed the application.

  3. Start QuickBooks RDS Server.

"Problem starting the server. This application does not have permission..." when starting QuickBooks RDS Server

QuickBooks RDS does not have the correct access rights set up QuickBooks.

To set access rights for RDS in QuickBooks:

  1. On the ALLDATA Manage Server PC, open QuickBooks.

  2. Click File >> Switch to Single –user Mode >> OK.

  3. Click Edit >>Preferences.

  4. Select Integrated Applications >> Company Preferences >> RDS Server >> Properties.

  5. On the Access Rights tab: 

    1. Check Allow this application to read and modify this company file. 

    2. Uncheck Prompt before allowing access.

    3. Check Allow this application to login automatically

    4. Uncheck Allow this application to access Social Security Numbers, customer credit card information, and other personal data.

    5. Click OK.