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Error: "This Order is Currently Opened by Another User."


When trying to open an order, the following error message appears:

  • "This order is currently opened by another user. It will be displayed but cannot be modified."


Possible Cause(s)

  • The order is already open on a networked (connected) computer.

  • ALLDATA® ManageSM may have closed unexpectedly or gone into a "not responding" state on one of the networked computers.


Suggested Solution(s)

  1. Click OK to close the error message.

  2. Close the order if it is open on a networked (connected) computer.

    • Close the order first, then the Work in Progress window.

  3. If Step 2 didn't unlock the order, try the options below.

    • If the order does not unlock after trying one option, move on to a different option.

Option A

  • Wait 20-30 minutes for the order to automatically unlock.

Option B

  1. Reboot  the networked computer that had shut down unexpectedly.

  2. Click Start >> Shut Down.  Wait a few minutes and then turn back on.

    • Note: Turn the computer completely OFF.  Just restarting the computer will not work.

    • Even if that computer is working normally now, ALLDATA Manage was not shut down properly when the computer closed unexpectedly.  A full reboot is needed for ALLDATA Manage to work correctly again.

  3. If you don't know which computer shut down:

    • Close out of ALL programs on ALL networked computers.

    • Shut down ALL networked computers (Start >> Shut Down).

    • Turn the SERVER computer on.

    • Wait a few minutes, then turn a CLIENT computer on. 

      • Repeat for each additional CLIENT computer.

Option C

  • Download and run the Clear Locked Orders tool.

    1. Click HERE to download, or...

    2. Copy and paste the following URL (web address) into the Internet browser’s address bar , then hit  Enter on the keyboard.


    3. Run the file that downloads.

      • ​Not sure how? Find instructions HERE.

    4. Double-click on Clear_Locked_Orders.exe.

    5. Enter alldata in the password box.

    6. On the Order Lock Utility box that pops up, click Clear Locked Orders.

    7. Click OK.

    8. Click the X in the upper-right corner of the Order Lock Utility box to close it.

      • Any orders that were locked are now unlocked.

        • Note: If this order continued to be open on a networked computer, the order will now be locked on the other computer.