Product Support

Error: "An Application Error Has Occurred” (Version 4.9)


The following error pops up in ALLDATA® ManageSM 4.9:

  • An Application Error has Occurred


Possible Cause(s)

Depending on the error Code, Source and Description, there are numerous possible causes.


Suggested Solution(s)

Determine which Application Error message you are experiencing:

  1. On the Application Error message, click Details.

    • The error message will expand and the error details will appear below the original message.

    • Make note of the Code, Source and Description.

  2. Click HERE to contact Customer Support for instructions.  Share the following:

  • That you use ALLDATA Manage 4.9 or 4.9.3.

  • That you are getting the error message stating "An application error has occurred."

  • The Code, Source and Description.