Product Support

Adding Subscription Option Codes

Subscription Option Codes unlock functions in the ALLDATA® RepairSM (DVD) program. 

  • Each code unlocks a different part of the program that your shop has subscribed to.

  • Depending on your shop's subscription type, you will be given 1 - 4 codes.

  • These codes can be found on the orange installation instructions that came with the installation disc(s), or can be given to you by a Customer Support representative.

To add the codes:

  1. Close any programs that are open on the computer.

  2. Open ALLDATA Repair (DVD)

  3. Click on Data >> Subscription >> Subscription Key Update.

  4. In the Add Subscription and Option Codes box, enter the first 16-character code in the field next to the Validate Code button.

    • The codes are listed in the following format: XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX.  It is NOT necessary to include the spaces or use ALL CAPS when entering the codes.

    • Note: Occasionally, a shop will only need one code.  Usually though, shops use multiple codes.

  5. After the code has been entered, a message will display stating "The code has been successfully entered.  If you have any other codes, please enter them now. (INFORMATIONAL MESSAGE #1055)".

    • Click the OK button on the validation pop-up.

  6. If you have additional codes, click back in the field next to the Validate Code button (see Step 3).

  7. Enter the next 16-character code to the field left of the Validate Code button.

  8. Repeat Steps 3 - 6 untill all the codes are entered.

  9. Once all of the codes are entered, click the OK button on the top right corner.

  10. Verify the codes have been accepted by going to the main screen and clicking on Data >> Subscription >> Subscription Information.

  11. Make sure that the following types of lines show up and are current in the window:

    • Note: You will have one line for each code entered.  The wording may differ from the examples below.

      • All makes Subscription for All data expiring on --/--/----.

      • All makes Subscription for Estimating expiring on --/--/----.

      • Service Center Bundling option expiring on --/--/---- is Basic/Plus with Accounting.

      • Online Content option expiring on --/--/----.

  12. Click OK to close the window.