Product Support

Switch to Printing Black Text on a White Background

When using the default setting for printing in ALLDATA® RepairSM (DVD), the print colors are reversed.

  • The background of the page is black and the picture is white. 


To switch to printing black text on a white background:

  1. Close out of ALLDATA Repair (DVD).

  2. Insert the ALLDATA Repair (DVD) Installation disc in your CD or DVD drive.

  3. Click Start >> Programs >> ALLDATA >> Utility Manger

  4. In the ALLDATA for Windows Service Utilities window, click Product >> Inverted Image Printing.

  5. In the Images pop-up window, click OK.

  6. Close the ALLDATA Repair Service Utilities window and print an article.

  7. Sometimes you may have to repeat the process once or twice before it takes effect.