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Copying DATA Discs to your Computer (Both Repair and P&L Information)

Benefits of copying your ALLDATA® Repair DVDs to your computer's hard drive:

  • Lost or damaged discs can slow down or stop your work, costing you time and money.

  • Saving your discs to the computer keeps the information most easily available.

There are two types of ALLDATA Repair DVDs: DATA discs and SERVICE ADVISOR discs.

  • This article explains how to copy the DATA discs - the discs that have both repair information and service advisor information for domestic and import vehicles.

    • If your shop receives both the DATA discs and the SERVICE ADVISOR discs in the mail, copy only the DATA discs - they contain all of  the SERVICE ADVISOR information.

To copy DATA discs to the computer hard drive:


  • You MUST have the most current version of ALLDATA Repair (DVD) installed before the new DVDs can be copied.

  • If your shop's computers are networked to be able to share ALLDATA information with each other, the following prodecure should be done on the SERVER computer.

  1. Make sure that there is (or will be) enough space on the hard drive to save the discs.

    • As of August 2013 (Q313), the total space needed for all 86 data discs is 558 GB.

    • In order to function properly, your hard drive will also need to have at least 10-15% available space left after copying the discs.

    • Options if you do not have enough space on your hard drive:

      • Delete unneeded files from your hard drive until enough space is available.

        • Note: While installing the discs, you will be prompted to delete previously saved ALLDATA Repair disc information.  See Step 6 below for details.

      • Install additional memory on your computer.

      • Save the discs to an external hard drive.

      • Install only those discs that you use most frequently. 

        • If you request information from a disc that is not saved to the hard drive, you will be prompted to install the disc.

  2. Close all programs, including ALLDATA Repair.

  3. Open the Disc Copy Utility.

    • This is the program on your computer that allows you to copy the disc information to your hard drive.

    • Click Start >> Programs or All Programs >> ALLDATA >> ALLDATA Disc Copy.

  4. The DiscCopy - Introduction screen opens.

    • Note: Most pages of the Disc Copy Utility show important information and/or instructions for how to use the program.

      • Each screen also includes a Help button, which opens detailed Help files.

    • Click Next.

  5. DiscCopy - Step 1 of 6 - Select Data To Copy

    • Click Check All.

    • Scroll to the bottom of the list.

    • UNcheck the last three boxes: Service Advisor Disc1Disc 2 and Disc 3.

    • If your computer has more than one DVD drive, make sure the correct drive is showing in the drop-down box.

    • Click Next.


  6. DiscCopy - Step 2 of 6 - Remove Existing Data

    • If there were previous discs copied, they would show up here with check boxes.

      • Place a check next to each previous version so that the space is cleared up in your hard drive.

    • Whether you have boxes to check or not, click Next.

  7. DiscCopy - Step 3 of 6 - Select Location Where Data Will Be Copied

    • Select the drive letter that you would like to copy the discs to.

    • Make sure that there is enough free disc space.

      • If not enough space is available, see the options listed in Step 1 above.

    • Click Next.

  8. DiscCopy - Step 4 of 6 - Where Each Disc Will Be Copied To

    • A list displays showing which discs will be copied, and where they will be copied to.

      • If your hard drive does NOT have enough free space, the list shows which discs can NOT be copied.

    • Click Next

  9. DiscCopy - Step 5 of 6 - Summary

    • The Summary displays which discs will be copied.

      • Discs that will NOT be copied due to lack of space are NOT listed.

    • Click Next

  10. DiscCopy - Step 6 of 6 - Performing Requested Operations

    • If the first disc is already in the DVD drive, it will begin saving to the computer's hard drive.

    • If the first disc is NOT in the DVD drive, a message will appear asking you to place the disc in the drive.

      • Insert the disc >> Click OK.

    • When the disc has finished copying, you will be asked to remove that disc and insert the next disc.

      • Repeat this process until all the discs have been copied to your hard drive.

    • Click on Finish when all discs have been saved.

For information on mapping (connecting) your CLIENT computer(s) to your SERVER computer, click HERE.