Product Support

Mapping the Drive for Data Networking

  1. On the SERVER computer, click Start >> My Computer.

    • The SERVER is the main computer that the ALLDATA® RepairSM disc information has been saved to.

  2. Open the C: drive by double-clicking on Local Disk (C:).

  3. Right-click over the ALLDATAData folder and left-click on Sharing and Security.

  4. In the ALLDATAData properties box, on the Sharing tab, select Share this folder.

    • Click Apply >> OK.

    • Note: The ALLDATAData icon has now changed from a regular folder to a folder with a cupped hand across the bottom.

  5. Move to the CLIENT computer. 

  6. On the CLIENT computer, click Start >> My Computer.

  7. Click on Tools >> Map Network Drive.

  8. Click Browse.

  9. Under My Network Places, click on the ALLDATAData folder. 

    • This should be located under the Workgroup that the Server belongs to.

    • Click OK

  10. Click Finish.

  11. The folder that you just mapped is now under Network Drives.

    • The ALLDATAData folder will open up if correctly connected.

  12. Still on the CLIENT computer, open the Disc Copy Utility by clicking on Start >> (All) Programs >> ALLDATA >> ALLDATA Disc Copy.

  13. Click Next.

  14. Click Use Network Data Discs.

  15. Click OK on the following pop-up message.

  16. Click Browse for Data Discs.

  17. Click OK on the following pop-up message.

  18. Under My Computer, click the Alldatadata folder or drive letter >> Click OK.

  19. Verify all the discs show up in Locate Network Data Discs window.

    • Click OK.

  20. Click Next.
  21. Click Finish.