Product Support

How Do I Find Out What Version of ALLDATA Repair (DVD) I Have?

The current version is May24.

  • Online updates for May24 are downloaded to customers' computers in October.

FEB24 will stop working on 11/1/23.

  • If you do not install the MAY24 update by October 31st, your ALLDATA product will stop working.


Look up what month/year version is installed on your computer

  1. Find the ALLDATA Repair... icon on your computer's desktop.

  2. Click the icon one time to expand the icon's name and reveal the month/year.

  3. If you do not have a desktop icon, and want to know the month/year of the version that is installed, Call ALLDATA Customer Support at 1-800-859-3282, option 2


IMPORTANT - Look around on your computer desktop to make sure there aren't any old, outdated icons.

  • Delete any outdated icons on your computer desktop by right-clicking on the icon and left-clicking Delete >> Yes.