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How Do I Unlock an Estimate?

There are two ways to unlock an estimate - with or without the Installation Disk:

Option 1:  Remove the estimate lock using the Utility Manager (requires the Installation Disk).

  1. Close the ALLDATA Repair program.

  2. Insert the Installation Disc.

  3. Select Start >> (All) Programs >> ALLDATA >> Utility Manager.

    • Note: If you don't see ALLDATA as an option after selecting (All) Programs, click on the double-arrows pointing downward at the bottom of the list to reveal more options.

  4. Select Data >> Estimate Lock Management.

  5. Click Select All >> OK.

  6. Select File >> Exit to close the Utility Manager.


Option 2:  Delete the locked file using Windows Search (does NOT require the Installation Disk).

  1. Close the ALLDATA Repair program.

  2. Select Start >> Search.

  3. In What do you want to search for? select All files and folders.

  4. In All or part of the file name, enter *.loc >> Click Search.

  5. Once the search is complete, delete all .loc files that are located in the C:\ALLDATAW\Estimates folder.

    • Note: Only delete the .loc files in the Estimates folder.  There may be other programs in other folders that you want to keep that use .loc as an extension.

    • Left-click on the .loc file to highlight it >> Right-click on the file >> Select Delete.

  6. Re-open ALLDATA Repair (DVD).  The estimate should be unlocked.See also How Do I Prevent Locked Estimates?