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Creating an External Database Backup

It is VERY important to have your database information backed up both internally and externally.

  • To backup your database internally (on your computer), see Setting Backup Options.

  • To backup your database externally (on a removable source), see the steps below.


To create a database backup to an external source (example: USB drive):

  1. Open ALLDATA® ManageSM

  2. Click File >> Backup (or Ctrl+B).

  3. In the Save As window, click Desktop >> Save.
  4. Click on OK when the Backup is complete message appears.
  5. Insert the memory device that the backup will be copied to.

    • The following example uses a USB memory stick/thumbdrive.

  6. From the computer Desktop, locate the file.

    • Note: Some computers may just list it as Manage.

  7. Right-click over  >> Click Send To >> Then choose the drive letter.

    • This example uses Removable Disk (E:).

  8. The Copying... window will appear and then go away once the database backup is complete.