Creating New Counter Sales

  1. From the Main shortcut bar, select New Counter Sale.

    • Result: A new, blank Counter Sale form displays.

  2. Enter customer and vehicle information by clicking Customer (optional).

    • Result: The Select Customer window opens.

    • For returning customers:

      • In the Search By box, select Customer Name.  Start typing the customer's name in the search text box.

        • The customer list updates based on your entry.

      • When the desired customer name is found select the customer and click Select.

      • If more than one vehicle is assigned to the customer, a Select Vehicle window allows you to select a vehicle to use.

    • For new customers:

      • Click New to open the New Customer window.

      • Add the customer information, and then click Add Vehicle to add a vehicle to the customer.

      • Click Submit after entering vehicle information, and again to close the New Customer window.

  3. Type or select the general order information (optional):

    • Date Written: This field is pre-filled with the current date but can be changed.

      • Use the down arrow to open a calendar and select a date.

    • Written By: Select the name of the person (from your list of service writers) responsible for writing the order.

    • Promised Date:  Either select Not Specified or click the arrow to select a promise date from the drop-down calendar.

    • Save Parts: Indicates whether to save old parts or not.

  4. From the button bar, above the grid, select Add Job  to select the type of job to add to the order.

    • Result: Depending on the job type selected, the following window opens:

      • New Job: The Add Job and Select New Job Items windows display.

      • Generic Shop Job: Select desired Generic Shop Jobs from the list >> Click Submit to add them to the order.

      • Specific Shop Job: Select desired Specific Shop Jobs from the list >> Click Submit to add them to the order.

      • Service Interval Job: The Select Service Interval Job window displays.

      • Recommendation: Select Recommendations from the list >> Click Submit to add them to the order.

        • Note: The recommendation option displays only if recommendations exist for the selected vehicle.

  5. Complete the displayed job window as appropriate. 

    • Repeat for each job that you want to add.

  6. Click Save.

Note: Counter sales have green headings.