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If You Previously Used Electronic Parts Ordering: Assigning Vendors to Catalogs (Version 4.9.3)

In ALLDATA Manage 4.9.3, an unlimited number of parts vendors may be used for each online catalog.

  • Each vendor name will appear on its own tab in the Catalog Viewer.

    • Note: Catalog names will no longer appear on the tabs.


If you ordered parts electronically prior to upgrading to ALLDATA Manage 4.9.3, you will need to complete this one-time process in order to continue ordering parts online.

  • This process will:

    • Assign the current vendors and credentials (such as user name and password) to the correct catalog.

    • Create the individual vendor tabs that will replace the catalog tabs in the Catalog Viewer.


IMPORTANT - Parts can NOT be electronically ordered until the vendor has been assigned to a catalog using the process below.


Assigning Vendors to Catalogs

  1. After upgrading to ALLDATA Manage 4.9.3, a pop-up screen will appear the first time ALLDATA Manage is opened (if you previously used electronic ordering.)

    • A listing will appear for each catalog that you had previously configured (entered user name and password credentials for).

  2. For each catalog with an actively-used vendor:

    • Click the drop-down box and select the vendor that works through that catalog.

      • Note: If no vendors are listed in the drop-down, skip to Step 4.

    • Instead of showing the catalog name, the tab on the Catalog Viewer will now show the vendor name.

    • Repeat for each catalog with actively-used vendors.

  3. For any catalog that is no longer used:

    • Click I haven't used this catalog.

    • Note: Even if you HAVE used this catalog in the past, select this option if it is no longer being used.

    • Repeat for each catalog that is no longer used.

  4. To temporarily skip making a choice for a catalog, or if the correct vendor is not listed in the drop-down:

    • Click I'll have to figure this out later.

      • Note: Nothing can be ordered from a vendor until it is assigned to a catalog, and the price matrix feature will not be available.

    • Select this option if:

      • You do not remember which vendor goes with which catalog and need to look up the information.

      • Your drop-down does not contain the correct vendor name.

        • In that case, create a new vendor record for the missing vendor. 

    • Repeat for each catalog that you want to skip assigning a vendor to for now.

  5. When one of the three choices has been made for each catalog listed, click Complete.

  6. ALLDATA Manage will open.

  7. The pop-up screen will continue to appear when opening ALLDATA Manage until one of the first two options has been selected for each catalog.