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Service History

Service History

Service History is a searchable history of all your posted and voided invoices and counter sales.


To access posted invoices and counter sales in Service History:

  1. In the Search By drop-list, select Order Number, Customer Name, License, Vehicle, or VIN.

  2. Enter letters or numbers in the Search By text box.

    • Result: The list updates with the first matching entry selected.

  3. In the Filter By drop-list, select Posted, Voided, or Show All.

    • Result: The list updates with only those items that match the Filter By selection.

  4. Select an order.

  5. Click View to open the order and view it in detail. You can update the following fields:

    • Mileage In - Type the mileage of the vehicle, when the customer brought it in, in this field.

      • Note: This field determines the Service Interval information presented when adding a Service Interval Job and this field may be populated by importing customer data or appointments.

    • Mileage Out - Type the mileage of the vehicle, when the customer picks it up, in this field.

    • Written By - Select the name of the person (from your list of service writers) responsible for writing the order.

  6. On the invoice window, click Edit Job.

    • Result: The Edit Job window displays.

  7. The following fields can be updated:

    • Job Category - A brief description of the job category. Use the down arrow to select a category from the list.

      • The Setup tab of the Company Setup window lists the Job Categories and allows you to configure the Job Categories.

    • Service Schedule - The brief description of the type of service:

      • Normal or Severe that is selected when the Service Interval Job is created.

    • Technician - Click the arrow to select the service provider from your list of technicians.

      • This field defaults when jobs are added to an order that has existing jobs with assigned technicians.

      • Only one technician can be assigned to a job.