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Shop Jobs Overview

There are two types of Shop Jobs: generic and specific.

  • A generic shop job consists of one or more parts or service items that can be offered to any customer.

  • A specific shop job consist of one or more parts or service items designed for a specific vehicle make and model.


Shop jobs need to be created before they can be added to orders.

  • You can create, modify, and delete shop jobs from the Shop Jobs window.


To open the Shop Jobs list:

  1. From the Main shortcut bar, select Shop Jobs.

    • Result: A list of shop jobs displays.

  2. In the Filter By field, select either Specific Shop Jobs or Generic Shop Jobs.

    • If Generic Shop Jobs is selected, only generic shop jobs display.

    • If Specific Shop Jobs is selected, only specific shop jobs display.

    • If no shop jobs exist, the list will be blank.

  3. Use the Search By fields to search for shop jobs.

  4. Use the following buttons to perform the corresponding function:

    • New

      • Note: The Filter By value determines the type of shop jobs added when using the New button.

    • Edit

    • Delete

      • Note: To Edit or Delete, select a shop job first.

    • Close:  Click this to close the order.