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Transferring or Restoring the Database from an External Source

  1. If it is open, close out of ALLDATA® ManageSM.

  2. Insert the memory device that the database backup information is saved on.

    • Example: A USB/thumb drive.

  3. Open (My) Computer,  then open the the drive letter of the memory device.

  4. Locate the saved file.

    • Some computers may list it as Manage.

  5. Right-click on the saved Manage file, then click Copy.

  6. On the computer desktop, right-click over a blank spot >> Left-click Paste.

  7. Wait for the Copying... progress window to close.

  8. The ALLDATA Manage Backup is now saved on the computer desktop.

  9. Right-click over the small ALLDATA Manage icon next to the clock in the lower-right corner and click on Exit.

  10. Click OK in the Exit AutoAdmin? window pop-up.

  11. Click Start >> Programs or All Programs >> ALLDATA>> ALLDATA Manage>> Tools>> Restore DB Utility.

  12. In Manage Restore Utility, enter the password j59ga41 >> Click Continue.

  13. Click on the button with the three dots (...).

  14. In the Open window, click on Desktop >>  the Manage file >> Open >> Restore.

  15. In Restore Utility, click Yes.

  16. In Restore Complete, click OK.

  17. Open ALLDATA Manage and verify all the information is correct.