Adding Tires to A Work Document

To add tires to a work document:

  1. From the Work screen, select Add Job Group >> Tire Sales.
  2. Type a Tire Size or a Part Number >> click Display.
  3. Check the box next to the tire you wish to add.
  4. Choose the quantity. 
    • If wanting to include more than 4 tires to a document, select X and type the desired number into the empty box on the right.
  5. Once done, click Add To Document
    • To include tire extra's check the box next to the appropriate options listed under Include

  6. Upon clicking Add to Document, the tire entered will add to your Work Document under a new Job Grouping.
    • Clickin + item on the Job Grouping provides additional options to add to the Job.

Edit Information for a Tire

To edit tire information:

  1. Select Setup >> Tires >> type in the Line Code and Part Number for the tire.

    • If you do not know the Part Number for the tire, type in the first three of the Line Code within the Part Number >> select Search and locate the tire. 

  2. Make desired edits >> click Update.

To Quick Edit tire information:

  1. Select the blue highlighted tire code.
  2. The Quick Edit pop-up window will appear >> type in any changes that need to be made >> click Update.

    • This will update the Work Document only and will not edit the tire information in inventory.