Creating a Quote

IMPORTANT - Before creating a quote for the first time, you must configure your Quote Settings.


From the Quote home page:
  1. Select + New Quote.

  2. Select the Vehicle Info section.
  3. Choose a vehicle by:

    • Searching Year, Make, Model, Engine, or VIN.
    • Selecting from the menu options.

  4. Include any additional vehicle information.

    • License Plate
    • State
    • Mileage

  5. Select the Customer Info section.

  6. Fill in customer contact and address information.
  7. Select the Add Item section to add items from any of the following categories:

    Catalog - Parts & Labor

    • ALLDATA - Parts pricing and labor times from the ALLDATA Repair database.
    • AutoZone - Parts pricing from the AutoZone electronic catalog.

    Custom Part

    Custom Labor

    Flat Fee



  8. Select line items to make any further adjustments.
  9. Save the quote.
  10. Print or email the Quote as a PDF file attachment.
    • Fill in the Email Address and include an optional Message.