Estimator / Shop Manager Feature Comparison

For information about how to upgrade you account from Estimator to Shop Manager, please speak to your ALLDATA Account Manager or dial 800-859-3282.

The grid below highlights key differences between Estimator and Shop Manager:

Document Types

Feature / FunctionShop ManagerEstimator
Repair Orders
  • Post a Payment
  • Payment History
Inspections Integration*1

*1 - Subscription to Shop Manager and Inspections required.

Line Items

Feature / FunctionShop ManagerEstimator
AD Parts & Labor
Custom Part
Custom Labor
Flat Fee
AutoZone Parts
Symptoms & DTCs
Nexpart Catalog
  • License plate to VIN decoding
  • Service History
  • Custom Note
  • Customer Concern
  • Tech Note*2
  • Tech Recommendation*2
  • Work Performed*2
  • Part
  • Labor
  • Flat Fee

*2 - Not available in Estimator

Shop Jobs

Feature / FunctionShop ManagerEstimator
Build Shop Jobs
Clone Shop Jobs
Add Shop Jobs to documents


Feature / FunctionShop ManagerEstimator
Sales Report
Tax Report
Payment Report