Account Support

Customer Portal

Make a payment, review your billing history, and make changes to your account settings.

Accessing the Customer Portal

Account administrators with standard billing can access the ALLDATA Customer Portal from the or (after login) header menus or directly at

If you are unable to access your account, please contact our Billing department at 800-859-3282, option 3 for assistance.


Information available on the Customer Portal


You will be able to access the following information on the Billing tab:

Bill Summary
  • Total Balance Due

  • Recent Payments and Credits

  • Monthly Payment Due Date and Amount

    • View Bill Details

    • Make a Payment

  • Automatic Payment Status

  • Default Card Reference (For Automatic Payments)

Invoice History
  • Download previous invoices as PDF

Payment History
  • Date and amount paid


Active Products
  • Access the products that you are subscribed to.

Your Subscription
  • Subscription Term

  • Auto Renewal Date

  • Invoice Frequency

  • Access Points (per product)

  • Discounts

  • Subscription Total

  • Legal agreements, sales contracts, and order confirmation emails (links to Legal Agreements & Contracts section of Account Settings tab)

Account Settings

You will be able to access the following information on the Account Settings tab:

Account Information
  • Company Name

  • Account Status

  • Shop Name

  • Shop Address

  • Biling Address

  • Mailing Address

Contact Information
  • Account Phone Number

  • Email Address

  • Business Email Address

Legal Agreements & Contracts
  • Recent Subscription Contract (Download as PDF)

  • Recent Order Details (Download as PDF)

  • Payment Notifications

Automatic Payments
  • Enable/Disable Automatic Payments

  • Next Payment Due date

  • Payment Method

  • Payment Amount

  • Payment Frequency

Saved Payment Methods
  • Update/Remove existing saved Payment Methods

  • Add New Payment Method

Billing Cycle
  • Invoice Due Date

  • Current Billing Cycle