About Quotes, Jobs, Estimates, Repair Orders, Invoices and Counter Sales

ORDERS contain JOBS, which can include parts, labor, sublets and/or notes.

  • Each order is associated with one customer and one vehicle.

  • There are two types of orders:

    • Repair Orders: Containing parts, labor, sublets, miscellaneous items, and/or notes.

    • Counter Sales: Containing only parts and notes.


Each completed Repair Order goes through the following stages:

Note: Headings of different colors help distinguish the stage, or type, of order you are viewing.


    • Quotes are unsaved orders, which can later be saved as Estimates or Repair Orders.

    • Quotes can have multiple jobs associated with them.

    • Quotes have pale yellow headings.

  2. Estimates

    • Estimates are saved Quotes, which can later be saved as Repair Orders.

    • Estimates are assigned a number.

      • Note: A different number will be assigned when this is converted to a Repair Order.

    • Estimates have bright yellow headings.

  3. Repair Orders

    • Repair Orders are assigned new numbers when saved, and can later be saved as Invoices.

    • Repair Orders have beige headings.

  4. Invoices

    • An Invoice is a Repair Order that has been marked as final.

    • The only line items that can be added at this point are notes.

    • Invoices have blue headings.

      • Once cashiered, Invoice headings become gray.

  5. Counter Sales

    • A Counter Sale contains only part and notes and does not need to be assigned to a vehicle or customer.

    • Counter Sales have green headings.

      • Once cashiered, Counter Sale headings become gray.

  6. Jobs

    • Jobs are collections of related line items of any of the above order types.