Product Support

Creating Labor Rates

Labor rates must be created for use in repair estimates and repair orders.

  • The Labor Rates list displays all the labor rates that have been created, showing the Labor Rate Code, Description, and Rate for each.

  • One rate must be selected as the default rate.


To create a labor rate:

  1. Click Setup >> Labor Rates.

    • Result: A list of labor rates is displayed.

  2. Click to highlight the labor rate you want to edit.
  3. Click Edit.

    • Result: An Edit Labor Rate dialog box is displayed.

  4. Make desired change(s) to:

    • Labor Rate Code: Letters and/or numbers to identify the rate.

      • Example: Seniors

      • Note: This will show on the customer's information.

    • Description: A brief description/name of the rate.

      • Example: Seniors 65 and older

    • Rate: The hourly rate.

  5. Put a checkmark in the Default Rate box to mark this as the default labor rate.

    • Note: At least one rate must be set as the default.

  6. Click Submit.

  7. Click Close.