Product Support

Selecting a Default Labor Rate

New estimates, jobs, and repair orders automatically use the default labor rate.

  • Set your most common labor rate as the default rate.
  • Note: If the customer is assigned a Customer Type that uses a rate other than the default labor rate, then that other rate is used on that customer’s estimate, job, and/or repair order.


To set the default labor rate:

  1. Click Setup >> Labor Rates.

    • Result: A list of labor rates is displayed.

  2. Click to highlight the labor rate you want to set as the default.

  3. Click Edit.

    • Result: An Edit Labor Rate dialog box is displayed

  4. Click on the Default Rate check box so that a check appears.

    • Note: Only one labor rate can be set as the default.

  5. Click Submit.

Note: The default rate cannot be deleted.

  • To delete the rate that is set as your default, you must first set a different rate to be the default.