Product Support

Editing Customer Types

Editing a customer type that appears on any unposted orders does NOT change the type on the order, unless you manually change it on the order.

  • Editing customer type information does NOT affect cashiered and posted orders or service history.

  • Changing tax exemption settings in a customer type does NOT automatically change those settings at the customer or vehicle level.


To edit a customer type:

  1. Type your changes directly into the following Customer Type Information fields:

    • Customer Type: Numbers, letters or a word to identify the customer type.

      • Note: When editing the customer type that is designated as the System Default, you cannot edit the Customer Type field.

    • Part Discount %: Percentage to discount parts (can be 0.00).

    • Labor Tax Exempt: Check this box to indicate that labor should NOT be taxed.

    • Parts Tax Exempt: Check this box to indicate that parts should NOT be taxed.

  2. In the Labor Rate Information section, type your change directly into the Rate Code field. 

  3. Click Submit.