Editing Estimates, Repair Orders and Counter Sales

  • Before you save an Estimate as a Repair Rrder (RO), you can edit the Repair Order to add or change parts and services.

  • After you save an Estimate as a Repair Order (RO), if parts or services are added to the order that increase a Subtotal, the Order is flagged as Revised


To edit an Order:

  1. Open the Saved Estimates or Work in Progress tab of the Work in Progress window.

  2. Select an order and click Edit.

    • Result: The Estimate, Repair Order or Counter Sale window opens, allowing you to make changes.

  3. Select a job in the grid and click Edit Job.

    • Result: The Edit Job or the Edit Service Interval Jobs window is displayed.

    • Note: Jobs that were created from Shop Jobs or recommendations are treated as regular Jobs after they are added to Orders.

  4. Make your changes and click Submit.

    • Result: The Order window displays.

  5. Click Save to save the changes and Close to close the Order window.