Editing Payments

When the Edit Payments feature is enabled, you can edit the payment at any time before the order is posted and saved to history.


To edit a payment:

  1. From the Work in Progress tab, or the Cashier tab on the Work in Progress window, select an Order or Invoice and open the Order window.

  2. Click Take Deposit or Cashier.

    • Result: The Apply Payment window displays.

  3. From the Payment grid, select a payment and click Edit Payment.

    • Result: The Edit Payment window displays with the Edit Mode status bar flashing.

      • Note: When ALLDATA MANAGE℠ is integrated with QuickBooks, posted invoices can NOT be edited.

        • When ALLDATA  MANAGE is integrated with QuickBooks 2005 or lower, deposits can NOT be edited.

  4. In the Edit Payment window you can change the Payment Type, Payment Date, and Payment Amount.

    • Result: The Maximum Amount field displays the maximum payment amount that will not exceed the order total.

  5. Click Save.

    • Result: The payment changes are applied.  

      • If there is no balance due, the payment window closes and you are returned to the Order window.