Notes on Searching

Searching the Database tables and the Work in Progress window

  • If the Filter By field is available when you are viewing a collection of records, using it allows you to adjust the type of records displayed.

    • Example: In the Customers list, filtering by Business causes only business customers to display.

    • When you select a Filter By criteria, the status bar at the bottom displays Done when completed, as well as the number of records.

  • What you choose in the Search By drop-down field determines which column will be searched. 

    • The column will be sorted in ascending order (first to last).

  • In the Search By text box, enter the letters or numbers to search for.

    • The entered characters must include slashes, blanks, and parenthesis as found in the information that is being searched for.

      • Example:  8/21/2012

    • If a match is found, the first occurrence is highlighted in the list.

      • If no match is found, no record is highlighted.


Searching with Index Tabs

  • In the Customers and Vendors list, index tabs make records easier to locate.

  • The tabs work with the Filter By criteria to display filtered lists.

    • Example: Filter to show all customers that start with S or all business customers that start with G.

  • Lists sorted by Customer Name sort by the first letter of the last name.

  • Lists sorted by Business Name or Employee sort by first letter of the entire name.