Searching in the Work in Progress Window

To search for orders in the Work in progress window:

  1. From the Main shortcut bar, select Work in Progress, Saved Estimates, to open the Work in Progress window.

  2. Select a tab based on what you are searching for:

    • If you are searching for an estimate, select the Saved Estimates tab.

    • If you are searching for a repair order, invoice, or counter sale, select the Work in Progress tab.

    • If you are searching for a cashiered order, select the Cashiered tab.

  3. In the Filter By drop-list, select Personal, Business, or Show All.

  4. In the Search By drop-list, select the appropriate option.

    • Example: Estimate or Customer Name.

  5. Type the initial number or letter to search for in the Search By text box.

    • Note: For the search criteria Phone (Last 4), enter the last four digits of the phone number.

      • Result: The list displays with only those items that match the Filter By selections.

      • The selected column is sorted in ascending (first to last) order and the first matching entry highlighted.

        • Note: When the filtering is complete, the status bar at the bottom of the window shows Done, as well as the number of matching records found.


For more information, see Notes on Searching.